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2023/2024 2nd Semester - Schedule

2023/2024 2nd Semester schedule is now available
Updated Nov 25, 2023

General Art Class

Class Description

Instructors: Eva Peters-Kooy, Atrayee Basu

Ages 7 - Adult

Each student works from a reference picture of their choice, either from the wide selection available at the studio or from their own collection. Each new student is given an introductory lesson explaining how to get started on their piece and some of the techniques that will be used. The students then work on their own pieces independently. During the class, the instructor will work with each student individually, going over their piece with them on a one-on-one basis, giving them suggestions, answering questions, and showing techniques appropriate to their piece. The General Art Classes offer instruction in a variety of mediums including pencil, pastel, pencil crayon, acrylic and watercolor.

  • We may take registration throughout the semester based on class availability for General classes only. The cost would be pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining in the semester.
  • "Beginner art supplies" are required for all students. Supplies are available at Art Placement in Saskatoon. They will give our students a discount.
  • Other optional art supplies can be purchased as needed. Please check with an instructor before starting a new medium.

2-Hour Classes - Older Teens and Adults - Eva Peters-Kooy

My style of teaching is more workshop than step by step instruction. For example if one of my students is struggling with perspective, form, color, technique in the piece they are working on, it becomes a class lesson.

It will be discussed as a group, with step-by-step guidance from the instructor.

For the remainder of the class, students will work on their own pieces of their choosing. The instructor spends one-to-one time with each student, providing feedback and advice for the students' artworks.


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