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2022/2023 2nd Semester - Schedule

2022/2023 2ndt Semester partial schedule is now available
Updated Dec 2, 2022

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Updated Jan 9, 2021

Life Drawing Class

Class Description

Adults Only

The human figure is arguably one of the most enduring themes in visual art. This class will explore classical figure drawing fundamentals as well as techniques used by comic artists and animators.

This course is aimed at artists of all skill levels, it is approachable for beginning artists and detailed enough for advanced artists. The curriculum will explore observation, learning to see edges, identifying and using negative space, and identifying anatomical landmarks and understanding foreshortening and proportions. It will also use gesture drawings and lines of action to represent movement to create dynamic drawings.

Each class will be 3hrs and you will be working from observation of a live nude model.


  • Tools and Materials.
  • Gesture drawings / line of action
  • Mannequinization / using the bean technique
  • Proportions & Anitomical landmarks
  • Shading / Terminator line / planes of the face
  • Weight and counter balance.
  • Foreshortening


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